Continuum is an interfacing function that allows you to pair your Windows phone to a monitor or screen and work like you’re on a PC. Earlier this year, Microsoft came to the Brandcenter with the goal of increasing Continuum’s user base through new positioning and marketing.

We decided to market Continuum to the business travelers of the world. Our idea was simple: Continuum is business uninterrupted.




To promote Continuum, we chose to utilize the existing partnership between Microsoft and Virgin Airlines, and made all Virgin Airlines planes Continuum enabled.



Created with pre-roll and social media in mind. It introduces and informs on when and where Continuum can be used. Partnerships with Virgin Airlines and Hilton Hotels make streamlined business trips a reality.



We wrapped Virgin airplanes for the debut of Continuum enabled flights, made an addition to Virgin boarding passes and created branded cocktail napkins that would be distributed on flights with snacks. Virgin can now market Continuum as an ammenity on their flights.



Currently, the only branding for Continuum exists on Windows phones. It isn't recognizable and doesn't stand out from other available features on the phone. In order to increase awareness, we created new branding.

                        Old Branding

                       Old Branding

                        New Branding

                      New Branding


A darker blue differentiates Continuum from other applications on the Microsoft interface. A more recognizable logo mark doubles as the icon.



We created a friendly on-boarding experience that provides use cases and instructions for how to use Continuum.



For a more in-depth look on when and where Continuum can be used.  


Dennis Chen | CW
Kevin David | CW
Steph Langan | AD
Yanci Wu | XD
Colleen Hiegel | CBM
Christin Johnson | ST